Orange Zagga Christmas

Bandeau title

What is Zagga ?

Orange Money Zagga is an annual nationwide mega promo designed to give our customers a chance to win prizes and rewards. Customers doing any transaction during this promo stand a chance to win fantastic prizes!

Duration: October 25th to December 19th!

How it works ?

Any Orange Money customer that made a transaction within the last 7 days may participate in the game.

  • To register, visit any Orange shop, POS, Orange Money agent, or kiosk. Registration is FREE.

  • To transact, simply dial *144# or download the Orange Money Africa App and follow the instructions.

Each customer must conduct one or more of the below transaction types

  • Cash in: make a deposit in your Orange Money wallet
  • Cash out: withdraw money from your Orange Money wallet to another Orange Money wallet
  • Merchant Payment: pay for goods and services using your Orange Money wallet
  • International Remittance: receive money from abroad into your Orange Money wallet
  • B2W: send money from your bank account to your Orange Money wallet and vice versa (available banks: UBA & Ecobank)
  • Buy Bundles (self-activation): activate voice, data or 3 Days Free Calls on your own number using your Orange Money wallet
  • Bill Payment: pay your LEC, DStv or school fees using your Orange Money wallet
  • Bulk Payment: make salary and invoice payments via your Orange Money wallet
  • LRA Payment: pay your taxes and fees using your Orange Money wallet

No minimum transaction value

7 winners per week for 8 weeks = 56 winners

  • 1 winner per day/ Monday to Friday
  • 1 weekly super winner
  • 1 weekly global winner (the first 7 weeks)
  • 1 grand prize winner (the super lot of the last week)


  • Safe
  • Easy
  • Secure
  • The more you transact, the more you stand a chance to win

More information on prizes and winners

  • 1 winner per day from Monday to Friday
    • These selected winners will participate in the shopping cart race. Winners will have 1 minute to shop and gather all they can.
      • Prohibited items:
        • Alcohol
        • Shisha
    • The winner that has a total value in their cart closest to $300 USD will win a 4G smartphone!


  • In addition to the weekly supermarket winners, there will be 1 global winner selected per week based upon the highest number of transactions per week!
    • Global winners stand the chance to win: Generator, Kekeh, Cash, Appliances , Car, …


  • There will be 1 grand prize winner that will win a FULLY FURNISHED HOUSE PAID IN FULL!

Week 1: Smart TV + 6 months FREE internet

Week 2: Home appliance bundle: fan, iron, extension cord, percolator

Week 3: Generator

Week 4: Mega appliance bundle: stove, percolator, extension cord, fan

Week 5: Generator

Week 6: Kekeh

Week 7: 4 Door Toyota Sedan

Week 8: Fully furnished house

For more support, dial 555 or visit any of our social media pages.