Buy airtime

Buy airtime

Buy airtime anytime & anywhere with Orange Money.

Get rid of scratch cards and receive a bonus of 700%!

Dial *144#

With Orange Money you can buy airtime at anytime, so long as there is cash in your Orange Money account.

This service is only available on USD. If you only have LRD, you can buy bundles in LRD.

You will receive a 700% bonus valid 24h to call Orange numbers.


Step 1.    Dial *144#

Step 2.    Select Currency: 1 for USD

Step 3.    Select option 2 for Buy Airtime

Step 4.    Select either option 1 for My Mobile Phone or option 2 for Another Mobile Phone.

Step 5.    Please enter the mobile phone number you want to top up. (if option 2 selected)

Step 6.    Please enter the USD amount to top up your mobile.

Step 7.    You will recharge your mobile: 07xxxxxxxx with amount of (X) USD. Please enter your Orange Money secret PIN code to confirm or 2 to cancel.


You will receive a confirmation SMS with the details of your transaction.

Sample SMS: RC010131.1757.A00001 Confirmed You have successfully recharged your account with  10.00 USD New Orange Money balance is 679.55 USD