Data Packs

Data Packs

Pick your size!

From 1 to 30 days, starting at $1, get the data pack you need for your browsing at very affordable prices.

Dial *474# and select your pack.

As per application of LTA Order 0016-02-25-19 on the 1st of September 2019, the Government of Liberia is imposing floor prices on mobile voice and mobile data services and a new 5% regulatory fee on Mobile Network Operators.

Our new offers reflect the application of this LTA Order.


50 cts Data Pack: Enjoy 150 MB valid 24 hours. Transfer is allowed for free.

$1 Data Pack: Enjoy 400 MB valid 2 days. Transfer is allowed for free.

$99 Data Pack: Enjoy 60 GB valid 30 days. Transfer is not allowed.

The data is valid with day/night restriction.


Stay connected even when your Data Pack is finished with Facebook Flex, only available with Orange.