Kwesé TV

Kwesé TV

Watch the Best Brand New and Exciting Shows and Sports Only on Kwesé TV

Pay $49 to get the decoder and enjoy free TV for only $5 a year.

Kwese TV has 3 offers distributed by Orange – non exclusive deal

      Only $5 a year!

This service is available everywhere in Liberia

Series & Movies Factual & Lifestyle Music News & Business Kids Sports Music Faith
Kwese Prime-100 Kwese Know-400 Box Africa-630 CNN-705 Kwese kids-500 Kwese Free Sport-285 HD Revolt-605 Inspire-800
Kwese Stories-105 Kwese Inc.-405   BBC World News-710 Dreamworks-505 Kwese Sports 1-300 HD HIP TV-610 Dove TV-805
Kwese Family-110 Odisseia-410   Sky News-715 Toonami-510 Kwese Sports 2-305 HD TRACE Africa-615 TBN Mzansi-810
Kwese Movies 1-115 DTX-415   TVC News-720 Cartoon Network-511 ESPN-310 TRACE Mziki-620 Hillsong Channel-815
AMC-130 Animal Planet-420   Channels TV-721 Boomerang-512 HD NBA-315 TRACE Gospel-625 EWTN-820
Viceland-135 Discovery Science-425   KTN News-722 POP-515 HD Liverpool TV-330   Flow TV-825
Passion-140 iD-430   Africa News-725 CBeeBies-520 HD E Sport TV- 350   ITV-830
Fox-141 Nat Geography-435   Al Jazeera-730 JimJam-525     X2D-835
Fox Life-142 Nat Geo Wild-436   WION-731       GOD TV-849
African Movies Channel Series-145 Travel Channel-440   CNC-732       Daystar-845
Zee BollyNova-150 FLN-445   Bloomberg-735       Ezekiel TV-860
Zee Bollymovies-155 Fashion Television-450   CNBC Africa-736        
African Movie-160     France 24-740        
Channel True Series & Movies-165     DW-745        
CBS Reality-170