Making a deposit

Making a deposit

You can deposit money on your Orange Money account at any Orange shop or at any authorized Orange Money agent.

You can easily deposit money on your Orange Money account by following simple steps:

Visit an Orange Shop or an authorized point of sales. Check your balance before your deposit money on your account, to ensure that you will not go beyond allowed maximum balance.

Provide the agent with your phone number. Remit the cash you wish to deposit on your account. Wait until he finishes to perform the transaction. Receive the confirmation notification SMS (including the reference number).

To ensure that the deposit has been done, make sure that you receive the confirmation SMS. You can also check from your USSD menu your balance right after the transaction, to see that your balance has incremented

Any money deposited on an Orange Money account must be done within the premises of the Orange agent or of any authorized Orange Money agent. Subscriber receives,  an SMS confirming the deposit, at the same time as the agent who did the transaction.

Making a deposit is entirely free.