Pay Taxes & Fees Easily

Pay Taxes & Fees Easily

Pay taxes and fees using Orange Money service allows everyone to make tax payments and pay for Government of Liberia services using their mobile phone. The subscriber goes to any Orange store, POS or Orange Money agent to register his/her number for Orange Money and make a deposit. The customer will dial *144#, the code for Orange Money account, TIN (for tax payment), sufficient funds to pay for the tax/service and service charge. The payment is real-time and the subscriber receives a receipt on the spot via SMS. The customer may have to show the SMS as proof of payment to the LRA or agency/ministry agent. The  Pay taxes and Fees service is available in both USD and LRD.

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This is the process for paying your tax
Get your due tax amount from LRA Dial *144# and pick your desired currency (USD or LRD) Select #4 Pay taxes and fees and then select tax (TIN required)

Enter your TIN for validation

-If the TIN is not validated, you will be informed that the TIN is not correct and you wll be asked to retry or contact LRA clarification

-when the TIN is validated, select the tax type, tax period, tax year, enter the amount, and then enter your secret PIN to confirm your payment

You will receive an SMS from Orange Money confirming payment with the following details: transaction ID, amount paid, and currency, TIN, Service paid for, tax period, date and time, service charge You will receive another SMS from LRA confirming payment with the following details: transaction ID, amount paid and currency, TIN, service paid for, tax period, date and time, service charge
Step 7 Step 8

Show confirmation SMS to LRA agent as proof of payment if needed

-If you are in the rural, it is mandatory for you to take the SMS to the LRA Tax Business Office and show it to the agent. The tax business office will register payment by validating the SMS receipt

The LRA agent has access to a web portal that allows him to confirm tax payment using Orange Money


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                        This is the process for paying GOL services                                    
Visit the relevant Ministry/Agency for required service (ex. birth certificate) Minsitr/Agency will process relevant documentation/form and instruct you to make payment

Dial *144# and follow the instructions to make payment. You will be ask for the following information:

If paying for oneself (currency, fee type and amount)

If paying for another person (currency, fee type, amount and recipint name or ID/reference no.

If paying for Business Registration Renewal (currency, fee type, amount and TIN

Enter your personal PIN for Orange Money wallet to confirm transaction You will receive an SMS from Orange Money confirming payment with these details: transaction referencenumber, amount paid and currency, biller information: relevant Ministry/agency, data and time, service charge and new balance
Step 6 Step 7 Step 8 Step 9
You will receive another email confirming payment with these detail: currency, fee type, tax payer, identification number, amount paid, date and time and transaction reference number Visit the relevant Ministry/Agency and get the required service Show confirmation SMS to Ministry/Agency as proof of payment Ministry/Agency officer will check the transaction on the Orange Web-Platform to validate the payment using the details provided in the SMS

Available Tax Services:

  • Corporate Income Tax
  • Withholding Tax
  • Personal Income Tax
  • Real Estate Tax
  • Business Tax 2%
  • Business Tax 4%
  • GST
  • Excise Tax

Available Non-Tax Services:

  • Business Registration Renewal Fees (Liberian Business Registry)
  • Birth Certificate (Ministry of Health)
  • Fire Inspection Fees (National Fire Service)
  • Marriage certificate (Ministry of Internal Affairs)
  • Travel Clearance (Liberian National Police)

These services are only used by registered Orange Money customers.

USD LRD Rate fee
      0-5 0-675 1.50%
5.01-20 676-2700 1.50%
20.01-50 2701-6750 1.50%
50.01-100 6751-13500 1.20%
100.01-200 13501-27000 1.00%
200.01-300 27001-40500 1.00%
300.01-400 40501-54000 1.00%
400.01-500 54001-67500 0.90%
500.01-600 67501-81000 0.80%
600.01-700 81001-94500 0.70%
700.01-800 94501-108000 0.60%
800.01-900 108001-121500 0.55%
900.01-1000 121501-135000 0.50%
1000.01-2000 135001-270000 0.50%


FAQs Answers
How do I set up an Orange Money account? Go to any Orange store, POS, or Orange Money agent with a valid ID to get registered
Which GOL services can I make payment for? Corporate Income Tax, Withholding Tax, Personal Income Tax, Real Estate Tax, Business Tax 2%, Business Tax 4%, GST, Excise Tax
I made payment via Orange Money but didn't receive my confirmation SMS Contact Orange customer care by dialing 111 and the SMS will be sent
I made payment but I left my phone at home You need to return to the location for the phone. The SMS is needed for confirmation of payment for GOL services
I made payment but deleted the SMS accidentally Call Orange customer care 111 and the confirmation will be resent
I made payment but the agent says my transaction reference number has already been used You can only use the transaction number once. If you are sure you have not used it, contact Orange customer care 111. If you would like to make an additional payment, you need to make a new transaction. Just dial *144#, select pay taxes and fees, and follow the instructions
What happen when I pay excess taxes? LRA will apply the excess against your outstanding tax liability, if any. For other taxes then due and payable; any remaining balance, at your written election, will be applied against your liabilities with respect to future payments; or refunded to the taxpayer within 90 days of your filing
Can I pay fees for someone else? Yes. You need to input the recipient name or ID number (ex Driver license or official voting card). For Business Registration Renewal and tax payments, you need to know the TIN. The person who made payment needs to show the SMS with key details necessary for validation
Is there a minimum payment? Yes, in USD, the minimum is 1USD and in LRD, the minimum is 100LRD. Just ensure you enter the correct amount for the service you want to pay for.
Is there a service charge? Yes, there is a service fee. Please refer to the tariff table
Do I need to have credit on my phone to make payment? No, all you need is electronic value in your Orange Money wallet
Can I make the payment at anytime? Yes, you can make payment at any time from anywhere. The service is available 24/7
Do I need a smartphone to make the payment? No, you can make the payment with any phone as long as you have an Orange Money wallet registered and sufficient funds