Orange Money is a mobile money system that allows customers to access basic financial services using their Orange mobile phone numbers. With Orange Money you can:

  • Deposit money
  • Withdraw cash (Service available to both Orange and Non-orange customer)
  • Transfer money both to Orange and Non-orange customers
  • Purchase Orange airtime
  • Pay and view your bills
  • Buy for goods and services

No. This service is targeted at everyone who has a mobile telephone and an Orange SIM card. Simply put, you can open and use an Orange Money account without having a bank account.

  • The minimum balance allowed is 0 USD and 0 LRD
  • The maximum balance is dependent on the level which the customer is registered.

No, Orange Money account opening is free. There is no servicing fee. There is no registration fee. Orange Money account is accessible by dialing the short code *144 (free of charge)

Paying transactions are as follows:

  • Money Transfer (to Orange and to non Orange customers)
  • Bill Payment
  • Cash withdrawal

You get charged only when you use these services

Yes. However, Orange Money account is separated from your bank account. Thus, even if you do not have a bank account, you could still use your orange Money account

No. Orange Money account is different from your Airtime account. Airtime allows you to make calls and cannot, in any case, be used to purchase electronic money. To make an Orange Money deposit, you must visit an authorized Orange Money agent. With money in your Orange Money account, you can easily buy airtime and use all the other services

No. Airtime purchase via Orange Money is a service which is available only to Orange customers to enable them to buy Orange airtime whenever they want

The following services are available

  • Money deposit
  • Money transfer both to Orange and to non Orange customers
  • Bill Payment
  • Orange airtime top up
  • Merchant Payment (for goods and services)
  • Cash withdrawal
  • Orange Money is more affordable,
  • You reduce combined risks of theft and physical aggression linked to carrying cash
  • You save time and money on transportation (no cost linked to transportation to perform your payment transactions)
  • You can transfer small amounts
  • You get confirmation via SMS that the beneficiary has received the money you sent them
  • You have access to other functionalities and services...e.g. money transfer to Non-Orange Customers
  • Airtime purchase (top up),
  • Keep your money safe at all times (24/7),
  • Withdraw money according to your needs
  • Possibility to re-transfer money easily and quickly
  • Transactions tracking from your mobile phone
  • Money transfer to Non-Orange Customers

Visit your nearest Orange Shop or authorized Orange Money agent to register for the service Find the locations here

No, you do not need to change your SIM card to access Orange Money

No, you do not need to change your telephone to access Orange Money

You currently have an Orange SIM card in your telephone. You can recharge your number with scratch cards or with e-recharge. With that number, you can make calls and transfer airtime to other people.

Orange Money is a money account. It is created on your mobile number You would have 2 (two) accounts on your Orange Money account:

  • A US Dollar account
  • A Liberian Dollar account

When you transfer money, funds will be moved from your respective Orange Money account to a similar account in the recipient’s number. Any Orange mobile customer can subscribe to Orange Money and start to use the service without changing either the SIM card or mobile telephone However, if you do not have an Orange SIM card, you must get one before you can register to the service.

Yes, Orange Money customer can transfer money to Non-Orange customers. Non Orange customers can also withdraw their money from any authorized Orange Money agent or point of sale

No. Once your Orange Money account is open and active, you can perform transactions at any Orange shop or authorized Orange Money agent at your convenience (money deposit or cash withdrawal). In addition, you can perform your transactions 24/7 on your own for money transfer, airtime purchase, bill payment and merchant payment by dialing *144# and following the instructions.

You can access Orange Money Agent services from any of the Orange Stores, Points of Sale and other authorized Orange Money agent outlets

Find the locations here

Kindly visit Orange Liberia office on 13th street, Sinkor, Monrovia Liberia 

Yes, Orange Money transfer can be done to an Orange customer even if he has not registered for Orange Money. The beneficiary will receive an SMS informing him that his account has been credited. The recipient will need to register for Orange Money within the next 7 days to access the money

If you have sent money to an incorrect number, kindly get in touch with our call center by calling 111 or visit an Orange Store or Point of Sale here and request for a reversal. If the funds have not been withdrawn by the recipient, the customer service representative will initiate a reversal. If the reversal is initiated successfully, the reversal will be confirmed within 72hours and a confirmation SMS will be sent to you

  • Check that your mother's mobile number is Orange.
  • Check that you have not crossed the maximum amount
  • Confirm that you have sufficient funds to transfer
  • If everything is fine, please call 111 from your Orange line ask for help.
  • Check your balance by dialing *144# and select the option for ‘my account’ and check balance
  • If you notice any anomaly, please call 111 from your Orange line and ask for help
  • Check your balance by dialling *144# and select the option for ‘my account’ and check balance
  • Check that the amount was transferred to the number you intended to send money to
  • If everything is fine, call please call 111 from your Orange line and ask for help.

If you lose your SIM card, please call 111 from your Orange line to ask for the blocking of your account. Use the the standard process of SIM swap in Orange shop or at any authorized dealer to retrieve your Orange number. Your secret code and your balance will remain unchanged. Your account will be protected at all times by your secret code to prevent fraudulent usage. Please do not share your secret code. Keep it confidential. It is under your entire and sole responsibility

Yes. Your Orange Money account is managed by a platform hosted in the secured network of Orange. It is accessible from your mobile only. Transactions can only be done after their validation with your Orange Money secret PIN

In addition:

Orange Money platform satisfies the Orange/France telecom Group security criteria Controls and checks are performed regularly by the Central Bank of Liberia and our partner banks

Orange Money service is submitted to the same technical constraints as the other Orange offered services. A back up plan has been put in place, in a way to minimize the Orange Money service interruption if it were to happen

As many times, as you may wish

You can manage your Orange Money account by consulting the last 5 transactions, your balance; Or change your secret code or change the language of the service.

Balance Inquiry:

You can at any time enquire about your Orange Money:

  • Dial *144# and press 'send' or 'call'
  • Choose option 5 'Options' and press 'send' or 'call'
  • Choose option 1 'Balance Inquiry' and press 'send' or 'call'
  • When prompted, type your secret PIN and press 'send' or 'call'

Last 5 transactions:

You can at any time consult your last 5 transactions performed on your Orange Money account.

  • Dial *144# and press 'send' or 'call'
  • Choose option 2 'Last 5 transactions' and press 'send' or 'call'
  • When prompted, type your secret PIN and press 'send' or 'call'
  • Receive the confirmation in your SMS to confirm

Change of secret PIN:

The secret PIN allows to secure your transactions.

It is required for all transactions you perform on your Orange Money account. You can modify it at any time:

  • Dial *144# and press 'send' or 'call'
  • Choose option 4 'Change secret PIN and press 'send' or 'call'
  • Type your current secret PIN (If it is the first time you are activating the account, the default secret code is '0000') and press 'send' or 'call'
  • Choose a new secret PIN and press 'send' or 'call'
  • Confirm your chosen secret PIN and press 'send' or 'call'
  • Wait for the confirmation SMS
  • For security reasons, the code you would have to choose must not contain consecutive or repeating numbers (1111)
  • Change of language:

To become an Orange Money agent, you need to send your request via email to (insert the correct email address here) or pay us a visit at the Orange Liberia Head Office located on the Capitol Bye Pass, Haile Selassie Avenue.

As a distribution partner, your role is to:

  • Subscribe new customers to the service,
  • Manage customers’ transactions (deposits and cash withdrawals)
  • Educate customers on Orange Money services
  • Respect the Anti Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorist regulations on all subscriptions
  • Below are the minimum pre-requisites which must be satisfied:

Administrative conditions:

  • Be a registered business in Liberia with evidence of the company registration in the Liberia trade registry
  • Have a brick and mortar business premise with adequate and secure space for serving customers


By mandate of the Liberian Telecommunications Authority, all GSM subscribers are requested to register their SIM to avoid being disconnected. As long as your SIM is not registered you will be able to receive calls but not make calls. To register your SIM card bring along with an official ID card and visit our head office store on the Capital Bypass here or any Orange stores or Orange POS located at Total Service Stations in and around Liberia here Registration is free.

Insert the SIM card in a phone and dial *266# and you will receive shortly a reply message with the SIM number.

To check your balance dial *124# on your phone and then Send.

Scratch card: Orange scratch cards can be purchased in the amounts of $1, $5, $10, $15, $25, $50 or $100 from any of our points of sales in Monrovia and throughout the country. To top up, simply scratch away at the back of the card to discover the hidden code.; Then either call Fast Top Up on 125 and follow the instructions or dial *125*hidden code# and then press send.


E-Recharge: E-Recharge is a free, fast and secure way to purchase credits electronically. E-Recharge services are available at Orange Point of Sales (Total gas station and other locations) and booths across Monrovia and Liberia. Orange Money: Orange Money is one of the easiest ways to recharge your phone or buy an airtime for a friend. Simply dial *144#, select the wallet you have (USD or LRD), select Buy Airtime and follow the instructionshere Online Recharge: Orange subscribers abroad can easily recharge or send credits to their family and friends in Liberia online using the following providers


Keep Calling (

Rebtel (

Transfer to from MoneyGram (

Orange endeavors to provide its subscribers the best coverage possible. Expansion of Orange network in rural and urban areas is an ongoing process. We will keep our customers informed of any new expansion and availability of Orange services in the future.

Football is Liberia’s most loved sport and consequently has always been an important strand in Orange’s sponsorship portfolio.  

We proudly sponsor the Liberian National Football Team, as well as the First, Second and Female Leagues.

The company’s longstanding sponsorship with the Liberia Football Association (LFA) over the last four years has played a major role in the growth and development of football in the country.

Our support significantly contributes to character building of young Liberian athletes through football programs that teach and encourage good sportsmanship, team work, hard work, honesty and integrity.  

Like most Liberians, Orange looks forward at seeing the nation’s flag being waved, along with others, in major tournament finals in Africa and around the world.

As a general rule, the answer is yes except if a given campaign or promotion might have special terms and conditions.

As a general rule, Orange campaigns are open to all customers except if a given campaign might have special terms and conditions.

The best way to solve any issue regarding your Orange services is to get in touch with Customer Care by dialing 111 (free of charge) or 0777 000 111 (chargeable). Orange Customer Care is open 24/7 or visit any of our POS at Total service stations here

Orange SOS credit is an emergency credit offered to customers with a zero balance. An SOS Credit offer is send to the customer subject to the customer having a zero balance and its credit history. SOS credit amount ranges from US$0.20 to US$3 and is available in US$ and LD. SOS Credit offer is valid for 24 hours and the service fee is 15%.

For your convenience, reimbursement of Orange SOS credit is made over several recharges until full repayment

Orange SOS data is an emergency data offered to customers with zero data and a balance credit less than 14 cents. An SOS Data can only be given if the customer has a zero data balance, main credit is less than 14 cents and if the customer does not owe any data credit. SOS data amount ranges from US$0.15 for 15MB, $0.25 for 50MB and 0.50 for 100MB. SOS data offer is valid for 24 hours and payment is on next recharge.

Installation and service subscription / renewal

1. Customer has to pay $49 to get the decoder and a receipt. The first month of service for free (value $25)

2. Customer is called by Kwese installation team (SLA is 10 days) who will come to install the service. The customer will have to show the receipt to the installer
The service is available everywhere in Liberia since it is delivered via satellite technology

3. Once the service is up and running the customer has to proceed to his payment (prepaid) at an Orange shop to renew his subscription: $25 for a month, $7.5 for a week or $6 for 3 days.