How can you replace an incompatible SIM card?

Every mobile phone accepts a standard SIM card, micro-SIM or nano-SIM card.

So you must find out the format that is compatible with your mobile. This information is provided in your mobile's instructions

If your SIM card is incompatible with your new device, it must be replaced.

1/2 Types of SIM card

1/2 Types of SIM card

Orange uses three types of SIM card:

  • The mini-SIM (measuring 25mm x 15mm);
  • The micro-SIM (introduced with the iPhone 4, but now very common in most smartphones);
  • The nano-SIM (used by certain smartphones, such as the iPhone 6s, iPhone SE, Samsung S6, Samsung S7 and iPads).


The different types of SIM card:

Orange delivers a multi-format SIM card by default to every new customer and for every new device.

This card contains all the SIM card formats in an intelligent manner. You simply have to take out the required format. If you removed the wrong format by mistake, no problem, the other parts can be used as a form of "adaptor". Just remove the required part and insert it into your device.


2/2 Do you have a new phone and need another format of SIM card?

2/2 Do you have a new phone and need another format of SIM card?

The SIM can be replaced at Our Orange Shops and other Point of Sales around the country.

Visit an Orange shop near you to obtain your new multi-format SIM card. It will be activated in just a few hours, enabling you to use your new device without delay.

Consult the list of points of sale here.


You will receive this SIM card format automatically if you are a new Orange customer. If you buy a new mobile from Orange (or from outside the Orange sales network) which is incompatible with the format of your current SIM card (format/NFC), replacing it will attract a charge.


Note: Remember to save your contacts if you change your SIM card. The contacts saved on your current SIM will not be transferred to your new card.

For further information about saving your contacts click here.

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