Orange Money App

Download for free the official smartphone application for Orange Money services from Orange Liberia.

Customers can now perform all their Orange Money transactions through the app. Transactions made easier and in half the time! Discover this application which allows you to carry out all your Orange Money transactions securely and simply, in either USD or LRD:

  • Send money
  • Top up (self & another person)
  • Other billers
  • Buy LEC
  • Pay DStv
  • Pay School Fees
  • Buy Bundles
  • QR code
  • Bank to wallet
  • Merchant payment

--------------- Conditions ---------------

  • Download cost: free with Wifi (apart from possible connection fee). On the Orange mobile network: downloading cost may be included, depending on your mobile phone offer.
  • Use cost: using the app is free on the Orange Liberia mobile network (your Wifi connection must be deactivated)
  • You can access all your Orange Money services with this app! It's easier, fast, reliable and convenient.
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Free application and services

You will not be charged for data consumed via the My Orange application to consult your personal data.