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Why choose Orange Liberia?

Orange Liberia is the leading telecommunications operator in Liberia with more than 2 million subscribers. Orange Liberia has been awarded, two times in a row by SpeedTest for Best Mobile Coverage, Best Mobile Network and Fastest Mobile Network.

Subsidiary of the Orange group present in 18 countries. Orange is also one of the world leaders in telecommunications services.

In March 2015, the Group presented its new "Essentials2020" strategic plan, which places the experience of its customers at the heart of its strategy, so that they can fully benefit from the digital world and the power of its very high speed networks.

Our Human Inside philosophy

What makes our innovation strategy special is our Human Inside philosophy. It's about making technology useful to people and accessible to as many people as possible. Wherever we are, we are committed to creating the conditions of trust in a digital society directing the power of digital to the service of “living together”.

2020 Essentials

In March 2015, Orange presented its new “Essentials 2020” strategic plan. For this strategic plan, the Group has adopted a unique, demanding and strong ambition: to provide each of its customers, wherever they are, with an incomparable experience.

To serve this ambition, the Group will rely on five levers:

  • Offer rich connectivity,
  • reinvent the customer relationship,
  • build a digital and human employer model,
  • support the transformation of the corporate client,
  • diversify by capitalizing on its assets.

The women and men of Orange

Our employees have a particular responsibility, that of supporting our customers and facilitating their digital life, everywhere in the world. Through the diversity of their professions, the men and women of Orange transform a technological challenge into a human adventure on a daily basis.

At Orange we believe that digital transformation shapes a world of progress. A world where Orange puts technology at the service of people. We already live this world, in all our countries, working at Orange. It combines the best of human and digital.

At Orange, we learn and progress every day. We invent new ways of working together to serve our customers. We dare to undertake because our initiatives are recognized and valued.

Join us and together we can create a world of progress for all.