Orange Energy

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With Orange Energy kits

Benefit from a solar energy supply solution for your households and businesses

Pay for your access to solar energy per month with ease via Orange Money, by dialing *144# from your mobile, or using our Orange Money Africa app.

Have a global solution (energy + domestic equipment) Covering the essential needs of the home: Lighting, Mobile charging, Radio, TV

Can do without the electricity Company or optimize my electricity needs by combining the two solutions

Orange Energy FAQ's

Orange Energy is an affordable alternative energy solution that allows customers to purchase kits and pay over a period of time.

With the Orange Energy kits:

  • Benefit from a self-contained solar energy solution for your households and businesses.
  • Pay for your access to solar energy every month with ease via Orange Money, by dialing *144# on your mobile.
  • Have a global solution (solar energy + home equipment: radio, light bulbs, TV) to meet essential needs:
  1. Become enlightened
  2. Work at night
  3. Have fun
  4. Recharge your mobile phones to communicate with your loved ones.

Simple to deploy, flexible and secure.

  • No risk of fire from the use of candles, fuel.
  • No risk of unloading.
  • Flexible business model: purchase on credit with a better quality of service.
  • SAV Orange Quality energy.
  • Free installation by professionals

It’s simple!

  • I subscribe to my Orange Energy offer and am supported by an Orange Energy advisor to finalize my subscription
  • My Solar Kit is installed by Orange Energy professionals
  • I pay my monthly energy service fee through Orange Money by dialing *144# and follow the instruction.

  • After making an Orange money deposit on the OM account (not on the Orange Energy account)
    Dial *144#

  • Enter the Orange Energy account number (8 digit identifier)

  • Then enter the amount to be reloaded and validate with the Orange Money secret code

  • Choose your kit Energy offer of your choice

An after-sales service is guaranteed for up to18 months, for any operational concern of the Orange Energy Kit; The replacement of equipment in breakdown (technical problem) is ensured throughout this warranty period.

Yes, the service is accessible to all and everywhere in Liberia, you just need to have an orange SIM and an Orange Money account.

The subscriber benefits from a free installation of all equipment at his home or office.

The system will automatically shut down until the customer completes their monthly subscription

Yes, you can reactivate for 2months and 3 months

Continuous re-subscribing allows us to provide you with the support you need.