Fiber is here

Fiber is a super-thin glass cable which can carry large quantity of information. Fiber is the ultimate technology to bring you very high speed broadband.

The benefits of Fiber

  • Simultaneous usages by a large number of users
  • New tools for professionnal usages
  • Easier access to workspace
  • Superior work performance optimization.


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Advantages of Orange Fiber

  • You can use new services such as cloud services with full serenity
  • Enjoy video-surveillance and video-conferences without interruptions
  • Have a stability of your internet connection :
  1. Orange Fiber is not affected by weather conditions : rain, sun, humidity and rust
  2. Comfort of browsing, exchanging files, videos, sharing contents and cloud services
  3. Highest performances for simultaneous usages up to 1 Gigabyte per second
  4. 100% Fiber connectivity till your office. The connection does not stop at your neighborhood or street.