How to activate your SIM card?

If you have received a new SIM card, it must be activated.

Note: This activation procedure only applies if you have a mobile contract. It is not necessary if you have a prepaid offer.

1/2 Activation of a new SIM card

1/2 Activation of a new SIM card

Note: if you requested a new SIM card from an Orange shop it will already have been activated.


  • From the customer call center:

Directly by your mobile , call 111 (toll free) from any Orange mobile or 0777000111 from any network (chargeable).

2/2 Activation via mobile contract

2/2 Activation via mobile contract

If you have signed a mobile contract at an Orange shop, your SIM card and line will already have been activated.


For Postpaid Customers, numbers are selected upon account creation, SIM card will then be provided after the contract has been approvided.


You are a new Orange customer or have signed a contract for a new mobile line. SIM Card are not issued until the contract has created on the system and approved after quality check.

Once the contract has been approved, and you have obtained your SIM card, you need to activate it. For security reasons, the SIM card does not allow you to make calls, but has been pre-activated.

To lift this restriction you have to insert the SIM card into your mobile, the default PIN code is 0000.

Note: if you have a capped tariff plan, your SIM card is activated on receipt.

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