Orange Women in Technology Hackathon


Liberian youths are positively impacting the way change happens in Liberia through the application of modern technologies. And because most Liberian universities are now teaching specialized courses in technology, the applicability of technological concepts has particularly become useful and easy. The evolution of tech and innovation institutions like Orange Liberia, iLab Liberia, and iCampus Liberia, has also aided in the process by increasing the value of technology greatly among youths.

While a typical hackathon will usually offer an opportunity for computer programmers to maneuver and hack computer systems for some dubious reason or gain, the Orange-iCampus hackathon sought to prototype savvy solutions to address cross-cutting issues that might tend to disrupt development processes in Liberia.

As a pilot initiative of a partnership between Orange Liberia and iCampus, the event held on May 30 and May 31, 2019, brought together over sixty expert participants from a diversified professional background, including technologists, development workers, and university students.

Throughout the event, the participants evaluated up to five social problems and co-created a similar number of relative prototypes to specifically offer potential solutions.

The investigated topics were inclusive of the following:

  • What technological approach should be applied to address challenges that are critically affecting the Liberian legal system?
  • How can emerging technologists and professional technicians offer services that best serve corporate agencies and development organizations applying entrepreneurial skills;
  • What positive tech tools could be employed to address gender imbalance across the Liberian Legislature and other political landscapes;
  • And lastly, what available tech tools could be applied to help improve the doctor-patient relationship across the healthcare sector in Liberia.