Orange Money

Orange introduces the Orange Money App!

The Orange Money App is an application that Orange Money subscribers using Android mobile phones and tablets can use to access their Orange Money accounts and manage their transactions.

The OM App is user-friendly and gives subscribers easy access to their OM accounts at the touch of a button by way of an icon on their home screen.

It offers a graphic interface in the form of icons representing the services offered on Orange Money, a much more interactive experience than USSD interface, hence enhancing and making the customer experience that much more fun and enjoyable.


Great! How do I Get the APP?

The Orange Money App is available for FREE download from the Google Play Store. Use the key words “Orange Money Botswana” and begin to enjoy the ease and convenience of transacting on your Orange Money account.

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Free application and services

You will not be charged for data consumed via the My Orange application to consult your personal data.