It’s time for the biggest giveaway: Banjoo Mega Promo!!!

  • Every day, we will have 2 winners of $50 USD which will be sent to their Orange Money account (make sure you’re registered),
  • Every week, we will have 2 winners of a 4G smartphone
  • Every month, we will have a winner of Electronic appliances (Generators, TV set, stove, refrigerator, microwave...)
  • The grand Prize which is a brand new CAR will be given at the end of the promo (90 days).

Text the keyword “Banjoo” to 6161

To enter this promo, just text the keyword “Banjoo” to 6161 to subscribe for only 25 cents per day.

  • You will receive a reply and you can decide to answer questions on Liberian history or Sports.
  • Each correct answer will give 100% points and a wrong one will give you 50% points.
  • You will automatically receive 5 questions every day.
  1. To unsubscribe: just send “stop” to 6161
  2. To check your points, send “points” to 6161