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Encourage positive screen time

10 tips for managing screens more easily in your family

1. Adapt screen time according to age.

2. Tell children beforehand how long they can use the screen. For example: "2 episodes of your cartoon, no more!"

3. Set the rules and limits according to the needs of each sibling and explain them clearly to avoid negotiations.

4. Choose content with them based on their age and the actual needs. To help you, look at the PEGI symbols (

5. Encourage regular breaks from screens and set an example.

6. Ban screens in the bedroom, at night and during meals.

7. Share these rules collectively and stick to them.

8. Make sure screens don't become an obsession or exclusive activity to the detriment of all others. Make yoursel available and suggest other ways to have fun together.

9. Warn children and teenagers about the potential risks of the internet and social media Remain attentive and listen to them.

10. Empower them by gradually increasing their independence, whilst still keeping an eye on them.


So, to sum up this inexhaustible two families are the same, so the most important thing is to be patient and caring, listen and use your common sense. Trust yourself!


To explore more advice and tips to guide your child through the digital world and use technology safely and responsibly, download the guide to encourage positive screen time.

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Screen time for each age group

We’ve invited screens into our homes, and our children have followed suit. What rules can we establish to use our digital tools more responsibly? We can start by limiting screen time for very young children and gradually extending it as they become teens. Watch out: screen time is the sum of the time spent on ALL devices with a screen!

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