Which type of connected parent are you ? Take the test.

Today’s parents face a challenge that their own parents never had to: how to support children online. What are the ground rules? How do you discuss screen time and use with little ones and teens?

Find out which type of connected parent you are by taking the test!

Answer the following questions by choosing the symbol next to the statement that applies the most to you.


You’re invited to a friend’s house with your youngest child, who is 4 years old. To keep her occupied, you take:

A tablet with English learning apps.

* Audiobooks.

Colouring books and pens.

Nothing special. If she makes a fuss there’s always YouTube.


In your opinion, how many 7-12-year-olds have their own tablet?


* 36%




Your toddler has just taken his first steps…

You save these photos in a virtual album for later.

* You send some photos to your family by instant message.

You call your loved ones.

You immediately post the videos on social media.


What was the first step you took regarding your children’s screen use?

Download educational content.

* Introduce some ground rules: no smartphone at the dinner table, for example.

Restrict all access to devices.

No particular steps.


Do you know how long your children spend online?

They can only access educational content… well, I think.

* Yes, they tell me what they’re doing and we discuss it.

Yes, I monitor their use through specific tools.

Not really.


How does your child or teenager behave when using their device?

They are always looking for more entertainment content.

* It’s an activity like any other for them.

They connect in secret.

As soon as they wake up, they reach for their phone or tablet.


For you, mobiles and device:

Offer a wealth of learning opportunities.

* Are just one of many educational and entertainment tools.

Are a challenge to parental authority.

Are tools for autonomy.


And you, are you nomophobic? (Do you fear being without a mobile device?)

I only use it for information, work and learning.

* I try to disconnect occasionally, even if it’s difficult!

I use it a lot, and then I feel guilty!

Thinking about it I have to admit I’m never without it.

Find out your type and our accompanying advice

You answered mostly "diamonds": you see tech as offering educational value.

You answered mostly "circles": you fit the profile of a balanced connected parent.

You answered mostly "stars": you favour a controlled use of tech.                             

You answered mostly "squares": you’re a total tech addict!